Post-Game Report

Game overview

Circles are representing players and are positioning according to time spent on the field (horizontal) and Plus/Minus (vertical). Best performances are the larger circles at the top and reciprocally for poorer ones.

Ratio chart

This chart offers a classification of players based on a ratio between 2 insights (vertical vs. horizontal). The blue lines classify players/circles in 4 distinct parts. This makes it possible to estimate a player profile based on his positioning.

Box score

No data to display

Game flow

This chart shows the game flow play-by-play: point differential, lead changes, lead duration, ties and score spread.

Player impact

Colored lines show progression for the three main stats. For further details, the heatmap gives insight of the player impact per sequence, depending of the intensity of bricks. The more it is dark, the more the impact is high. The spider chart below shows in more detail the impact for diverse aspects of the game.

Parallel chart

A player is represented by a path crossing statistical points through vertical axes. The higher is the path, the higher is the statistic. This chart helps comparing players with each other at a glance and quickly see who leads and how much he leads. For a better understanding, it only shows the 6 most impactful players. But you can switch button below to see all players and also switch on/off the whole team.