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mer. 12 juin 2024

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mer. 12 juin 2024

1 game 

Basketball Analytics, advanced stats and data visualization

Viziball is an innovative and universal Basketball Analytics tool covering NBA and BCL (Basketball Champions League). This includes various charts, statistics and professional insights for anyone who has anything to do with basketball : fans, journalists, scouts, players and coaches. It is with the desire to offer a concept and a new analysis experience that we have designed this stats site, together with the contributions of basketball professionals and specialists in the fields of sports analysis and data.

Play-by-Play Analysis
We inspect all actions from basketball games and bring insights like lineup efficiencies, clutch indicator, all stats per period (quarter, money time, overtime...), collective behavior or also defensive aspects of the game.
Our graphical representations use visual elements and provide an accessible way to observe diverse aspects of basketball : comparisons, ratios, proportions, relationships and hierarchies.
Advanced Stats
Get a complete set of advanced statistics including Player Impact Estimate (PIE), Net rating, Assisted Field Goal, Usage, Pace or also True Shooting percentage.

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